English Writing

“Words are objects, just like anything else created by humans. They ae tools. Likes scissors, like glue, like shoes. Useful objects, meant to make our lives easier.”

Gabi Nitzan, Badulina.

Writer’s block

Yet what happens if you can’t find the right words? Don’t panic, because that’s where I come into the picture (or text 😉). I’ll choose the words, create the connections, and tell the story to your customers.

If you’ve ever tried to write something about yourself, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to create a LinkedIn page or write a product sheet, for example. When it comes to boasting about ourselves, it’s hard for us to formulate and write a text, probably because we were brought up to be modest. The same goes for writing our CV in English or Hebrew, a website, company profile, brochure, to name just a few.

The magic formula

Some customers write their content in Hebrew and ask me to translate it into English. Others prefer to write texts in “Israeli” English and then ask me to edit it. Last but definitely not least, others say: We’ll tell you what we do, and you write it for us. The latter is of course more challenging for me, but also very enjoyable. I’ve written websites for companies in the Plastics and Metals Industries, brochures for companies in the Medical Device Industry, product sheets for the Telecom Industry, and company profiles for hi-tech startups. To name just a few.

How does it work?

A good beginning makes a good ending, and as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning.” I talk to my clients and learn about their sphere of activity. Then I embark on my writing journey: I write, paraphrase, amend, edit, read, rewrite… It’s a very creative process. In some case, I get it right the first time, exactly how the client imaged it would be. Other times, it takes a few rounds until sparks fly and confetti falls from the sky.

Copywriter or copyrighter?

They may sound the same, but these two words have two very different means. I am a copywriter, which means that I write texts for marketing and advertising purposes, also known as “copy”.  Hence the word copywriter 😊 Over the past years, I have written numerous slogans, tag lines, and catch phrases in English for companies in a range of industries. I refine messages and play on words. Some might call it “thinking outside the box,” but I like to call it “creating a brand-new box.

Accurate spelling & grammar

Adapting messages to English

Precise wording & content

Professional business English

Clear & succinct formulation

A good beginning makes a good ending, and as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning.”

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