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laniado hospital

Laniado Hospital

Translating and editing academic studies for the medical center researchers

technion acadamy


Editing academic studies in English for researchers prior to publishing in academic journals

University of Haifa

Editing academic studies for researchers to be published in academic journals

Medtronic Israel

Hebrew English translations, English editing


Bezeq Telecom Hebrew-English translations Presentations

Bar Ilan University

Bar Ilan University

Translating and editing of academic documents and articles


Novolog Health Care Group

Hebrew-English translation of food supplement trial procedures for the Pharma Industry

Yezreel Valley College

Translating and editing acadmec articles for peer-reviewed journals in English

Gordon Acadamy

Gordon College of Education

Hebrew-English translation of food supplement trial procedures

Tel Hai Acadamy

Tel Hai College

English editing and translating of academic articles for journal publishing

Now Branding

Now Branding Translations, editing and English copywriting for the studio's customers

Adanim Tea

Adanim Tea Copywriting in English of the Adanim website and marketing posts


Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew translations


Hebrew-English translation of food supplement trial procedures


Hebrew-English translations of company procedures and menus

Not Withstanding NGO

Hebrew English Translation of grant applications and business summary


Tosaf English copywriting and editing for company website


Copywriting: Slogan & Taglines, website, brochures & PRs


Editing academic articles in the fields of sports and physiology.


Translating and editing of business documents and presentations

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