Following are a number of tips about the English language. I hope they come in useful for your Hebrew-English translation, and let me know if you have any questions.

A well written CV in English

Make sure your CV is in perfect English – don’t just translate from Hebrew. Ask a native English speaker to double-check your spelling and grammar.

Take the time to write a really impressive CV in English, that isn’t too long but really sells you well.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Compliment or Complement?

Many words in English have the same sound, and almost the same spelling. Almost, but not quite. It’s important not to get them confused:

Complement: 2 things that complete each other, that work well together.

Compliment: Saying something nice to someone. For example, your English is excellent.

So go ahead and pay someone a compliment – Make their day!

Its or It's?

Apostrophe – Such a big word for such a small (and confusing) symbol.

.In English, the apostrophe symbolizes possession

For example, if the computer belongs to one translator, then it is the translator‘s computer.

If this computer belongs to 3 translators, then it is the translators’ computer.

But… if the dog cannot find its toy, then we can say: The dog cannot find its toy.  No apostrophe  😐

In other words:

It’s = it is. For example, It’s Monday today.

Its = The dog has lost its toy.


The Apostrophe

Don’t automatically add an apostrophe!

I have dozens of CDs is correct

I have hundreds of CD’s is incorrect.