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Many customers prefer to write their texts in Hebrew so that they can express themselves more clearly and then ask me to translate their documents into fluent English. I always ask about the target audience and the purpose of the text, so that I can choose the best writing style and tone. There are many differences between marketing, academic, literary, and official writing styles. I specialize in translating business and marketing documents, and academic articles in a range of fields. 

Every translation needs to be written in a coherent and comprehensible style – to ensure the accurate communication of the original message, but in an authentic style that sounds as if it was originally written in English. It’s important to choose the most suitable words from the many possible options to suit the context. For example, the word למנוע in Hebrew can be translated as either ‘avoid’ or ‘prevent’. Choosing the wrong option can change the sentence completely, and even ruin the reader’s understanding of the text.

Translation is like telling the story again, in a more exact way, so that the meaning of the original message is conveyed naturally in the language into which it is translated.”  
Dr. Katy Barnwell, Translation Consultant 

English at the Click of a Button

Today, there are many instant translation programs and applications, including Morfix, Babylon and Google Translate. These can be very useful and effective – I often use them to find a certain word – but it is important to remember that they cannot produce the same professional quality translations as human translators. Even the most advanced technologies, that allow us to easily translate the meaning of specific words (and even complete phrases in the case of Google Translate), are no substitute for a professional translator. You need someone who knows how to select the right word and the most appropriate expression and apply the correct rules of grammar and punctuation. Someone who understands the relevant jargon, so that the translation is appropriate for each client, reflecting their own specific style.


דיוק בכללי
הדקדוק והאיות


התאמת השפה
לתרבות היעד


על שימוש נכון
בביטויים מתאימים


עריכה איכותית
באנגלית רהוטה


תרגום מקצועי
מעברית לאנגלית

When the Penny Dropped

Over 20 years ago, when I was learning Translation and Editing at Bar-Ilan University, there were no digital dictionaries or online search engines.  How did we manage?! There was always competition between the students as to who had the most dictionaries – I had more than 10 real paper volumes. One was for expressions, one for verbs, and one for synonyms, plus I also had my family to help me. Our teacher was particularly creative and challenging. She would ask us to look for unusual words in English, and I remember – after every lesson – calling my family on the public telephone, armed with telephone tokens, and asking them: What is the correct word for a British person? What is a herd of rhinos called in English? Learning to translate not only opened the door to a rewarding career, but also strengthened my relationship with my family 😉

(By the way, a British person is called a ‘Briton’, and a herd of rhinoceroses is called a ‘crash’. This last piece of information may be particularly important if you plan to go on safari… In English, this collective noun is the same word that we use for a collision, probably because that would be the likely outcome of colliding with a herd of rhinos!)

Translating Business Documents into English

My customers always receive reliable professional translations of the highest quality, thanks to my specialization in translating from Hebrew to English, and my extensive knowledge of the marketing and advertising business.

Our professional English is your professional success!

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