Beverley helped me create my 10-min TED talk!

As a seasoned public speaker, I’m adept at giving talks to large audiences. Yet when I was asked to prepare a 10-min TED talk in English, I asked Beverley for her assistance. Beverley played an important role in creating the lecture, after insisting on fully understanding its underlying concepts. She knew how to choose the right words at the right time: Academic terms or more casual ones – depending on the context. Beverley noticed every detail in the text, was always available to answer my questions, and offered great support throughout the process.
[Michal Dalyot, Supernanny, Michal Dalyot Center CEO]

Beverley is hardworking and pleasant to work with

Beverley provides first class English-language editing services. I send her rough materials and she does her magic and sends back a much-improved academic article. Since working with Beverley, I’ve published a number of articles in leading journals in my field of management. Beverley doesn’t hesitate to ask critical questions, thereby significantly improving my manuscripts. She is efficient, honest, and reliable – and easy to work with. I highly recommend Beverley, even if you have great English; let Beverley sprinkle magic dust across your texts.
[Dr. Daphna Shwartz-Asher, Tel Hai Academic College]

Beverley always takes my texts in English to the next level

I began working with Beverley a few years ago, when I needed professional editing of articles that I’d written and that were intended for leading journals. Since the first article that she edited was accepted for publication, I only send materials for editing to Beverley. She places great emphasis on truly understanding the research, to ensure a coherent and well-written text. As a researcher and the former Head of the Architecture Program, Beverley always delivers excellent work. It is a true pleasure working with Beverley.
[Prof. Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman, Head of the Architecture Visual Perception Lab, The Technion]

I highly recommended Beverley’s editing, content writing, and microcopy services

I have been working with Beverley on editing, content writing, and microcopy for many years and there’s good reason. Beverley’s work is meticulous. She places great emphasis on truly understanding the apps that we develop, so that she can optimally convey this in writing. Beverley offers added value in everything she does and I highly recommend working with her.
[Roy Sharon, former Kimaia Chairman]

Beverley’s work is excellent and she is a meticulous editor

As hard as we try, evaluations and grades are relative. Excellence, or even the best, are always relative to the standards that we’ve adopted. Yet in my opinion, Beverley’s work is excellent. She is a meticulous editor who ensures that the messages are clearly conveyed, that the flow of the text is logical, and that the entire manuscript is written in a clear and coherent manner. Any article edited by Beverley can be submitted to a journal with peace of mind.
[Prof. Sima Zach, Sports psychology and pedagogy expert]

Beverley does an excellent job editing articles in English

I would like to highly recommend Beverley as a linguistic editor. She always does an excellent job: the editing is thorough, and there is an emphasis on logical flow, which is highly important for academic writing. The articles she edited were praised by the reviewers for their professional English. Equally important, Beverly has a sense of urgency when it comes to resubmission due dates.
[Dr. Ido Morag, Expert in human factors and ergonomics, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Shenkar]

Working with Beverley was enjoyable and fascinating

Beverley Yohanan has excellent writing, editing, and translating capabilities. As a native English speaker who has lived in Israel for many years, Beverley combines the English and Hebrew languages and cultures in an optimal manner. She truly understands the field of marketing writing. She truly adds value to the written products, and working with her is a fascinating and enjoyable process.
[Lilach Weinbloom, Quality assurance expert]

Beverley always upgrades my articles significantly

As a researcher at the Technion, I am required to publish articles in scientific journals that require excellent English. Beverley always manages to upgrade my articles thanks to her vast knowledge and professionalism, her essential questions, and her great attention to detail. She is also always available to answer my questions and consistently meets my tight deadlines.
[Prof. Sagi Daliyot, Mapping & Geo-Information]

Beverley is highly professional, personable, and service-oriented

Beverley is always highly professional, personable, and service-oriented, and pays great attention to detail. Over the years, Beverley has written and edited a range of marketing materials for our clients, including websites, brochures, social media posts, and brand books. Beverley is an excellent copy and content copywriter and a meticulous editor, and I highly recommend working with her.
[Nirit Horesh, Now Branding CEO]

The copywriting process with Beverley was very professional and swift

We worked with Beverley on a copywriting project for our clients. Beverley conducted the work professionally and effective, while meeting tight deadlines. Our clients were delighted with the outcome. We highly recommend Beverley for copywriting and marketing content projects in English.
[Sharon Ben-Barak, Studio GE]

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