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Despite the vast use of the word “copywriting” in recent years (about 180 million hits on Google), people often ask me what copywriting is and what a copywriter actually does.
Your CV is a great way to show your potential employer that you really pay attention to detail. As the saying goes: Actions speak louder than words. So before you apply for your dream job, take a look at the following tips.
Confused about the APA reference style? Not sure what v.7 has to offer?
Who knew that you could learn so many words in English just from watching design shows on TV?
Do you also find these words slightly confusing in English?
Referencing guidelines may be confusing at times, but understanding why a certain rule exists could help. Just like in mathematics, where it’s always easier to remember a formula that you understand.
Are you familiar with “et al.” at all? It comes from the Latin and it’s like “etc.” but for people
Americans say “iced tea” and “ice water” while Britons say “ice tea” and “iced water.” Confusing, right?
If you’re not sure where and when to use one quotation mark or two, the answer is complicated…
As the saying goes, “Same same but different.”
From time to time I use artificial intelligence (also known as AI) in my content writing and copywriting work. Thankfully, it can’t replace me, but it can give me some good ideas to work with.
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