Writing a great CV in English

  1. Career Objective

Start with writing what job you’re looking for. You can even copy the job title from the ad. This can be especially useful if you’re seeking a job that you know you’re capable of doing, but that’s very different from your previous roles.


Seasoned English editor and copywriter with over 15 years’ experience, looking to leverage my skills in the medical device industry.


To obtain the position of Project Manager in the chemicals industry, where I can apply my vast experience and knowledge for the benefit of the organization and myself.


  1. Professional Summary

Showcase your skills and knowhow that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for. You can write a short paragraph or bullets for this section, but no more than 5 sentences. Otherwise, it’s not really a summary.



  • Highly experienced English editor, writer, and copywriter
  • Skilled at creating marketing documents, including company profiles and presentations
  • Proven ability to prepare academic articles for publishing in peer-reviewed journals
  • Seasoned English teacher for adults, college students, and high-school learners
  • Hold an MA with honors in Applied Linguistics and a BA in Criminology and Sociology


  1. Professional Experience

Start from your latest job and work backwards. If you’ve been on the labor market for many years, consider omitting some of your earliest jobs, especially if they’re irrelevant to the position that you’re currently seeking.

When you write the names of the companies you’ve worked for, double check the exact name and spelling of each company. It takes a few minutes but it’s worth it.


  • 2016–present Project Manager, Apps and Gaming Division, Mandelay Industries
  • 2011–2015 Industrial Design Architect, Design Unit, Roastbusters


Write a number of bullets for each position and use the wow factor to impress your potential employer. Use numbers and figures, dollars and euros, and other words like strategy and analytics. Take a look at the job description in the ad and use their wording wherever relevant.

Emphasize different aspects in each of your previous positions, and remember that the newer the position you’re writing about, the more you should write about it. On the other hand, don’t write 10 lines about a less irrelevant job that you filled 12 years ago.


  1. Consistency throughout

Use either British or American spelling throughout (not both), check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, try to avoid abbreviations, remember to put capital letters at the beginning of each sentence, and finally – ask a friend or neighbor to read what you’ve written and offer feedback.


Good luck with the job hunt and if you have any questions, please contact me.

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