Turning ideas into words

Beverley Yohanan

and words into meaning

Text Editing

Editing is more than simply correcting grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It means making sure that everything is written seamlessly, so that your target audience can focus on the messages that you wish to convey.

After months of conducting the research, achieving significant results, and putting it all down in writing, your manuscript is almost ready for publication. Now, it just needs to be professionally edited.

Beverley Yohanan English Editing

Welcome to my website. I’m Beverley and I provide English language services to a large range of clients across Israel. My main fields of expertise include editing and translating academic articles, and editing, writing, and copywriting business and marketing documents.

Additional Services

Beverley Yohanan English Editing

Content Writing

Smart content writing means providing your potential customers with all the necessary information, yet in a clear and concise manner, and in excellent English.

Beverley Yohanan English Editing

Marketing Materials

From slogans or taglines, through brochures or presentations, to landing pages or websites – your marketing materials must be written in a creative and coherent manner.

Beverley Yohanan English Editing


Some clients prefer to write their academic articles or marketing materials in Hebrew and then ask me to professionally translate them into English.

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