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Even greater than my passion for translating is my love for editing. What could be more exciting than customers writing their presentations, articles, posts, or newsletters in English and then allowing me to refine their written English?! Editing is so much more than eliminating grammatical errors and correcting English spelling mistakes. Editing means making sure your messages are conveyed coherently, your objectives are defined precisely, and your strategies are written concisely.  However, if English is not your mother tongue, this may be easier said that done. That’s where I come into the picture. 

I was born in England, went to school in London, and returned to live in England after completing my military service in the IDF, read books in English, lecture in English, and hold an MA in English linguistics. I also have years of experience in English editing. On the other hand, as I have lived, studied, and worked in Israel for many years, I am fluent in Hebrew and highly familiar with Israeli culture. What more could you look for in an editor? Ah, yes, I am proficient in American English editing.

proof reading

Business and academic English

My expertise in English editing is twofold and includes business documents and academic articles. Business texts in English include company presentations, product sheets, one pagers, elevator pitches, press releases (PR), catalogs, marketing messages, slogans and tag lines, business briefs, and more; academic texts include articles to be published in international peer-reviewed journals, PhD dissertations, abstracts, grant applications, research proposals in English, and more.

“My English is really good”

Of course your English is good. You read, write, and speak English at work, and you are highly familiar with the relevant English jargon, business terms, and even the local lingo. But that’s what makes our cooperation such a success: With your knowledge of your products, services, or area of research, and my English editing knowhow and experience, we can create excellent texts in English. So that your readers, customers, or reviewers can concentrate on WHAT you are saying in English, not on HOW you are saying it.

English for success

Quality English texts could make or break a business deal; they could be the difference between the acceptance or rejection of an academic article in English. We all know that a well written CV in English is the first step towards an interview at a desired organization, just as a well written website in English is the first step towards customer engagement. So just write everything down, in English, and leave the rest to me.

  • Proofreading
  • Localization
  • Spelling
  • Grammar


Accurate spelling & grammar

Adapting messages to English

Precise wording & content

Professional business English

Clear & succinct formulation

Editing in English – Choose one type of spelling.

British spelling is longer than American spelling:

She organised her coloured jewellery in the centre

She organized her colored jewelry in the center

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