Iced or ice tea?

British English or American English in editing and translatingWhen I asked my British-American cousin if he prefers “ice tea” or “iced tea,” he simply replied: I prefer coffee (which wasn’t a very helpful answer 😉).
We already know that there are differences between American and British English: They use different words for the same things and the same words for different things. They also spell things differently (usually with fewer letters in American). They also drive on opposite sides of the road but I don’t think that’s relevant to posts about the English language…
Yet it turns out that even when they can’t make up their mind about something (ice or iced), they still choose exactly the opposite solution than their counterpart:
It turns out that Americans say “iced tea” and “ice water” while Britons say “ice tea” and “iced water.”
Whichever you prefer keep a smile on your face and stay hydrated.
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